Can big dumb beasts do comedy? Kevin James says yes


The Dinosaur Defence League is crying foul over another airing of a dinosaur documentary that the group claims only showed the extinct creatures in a negative light.

“Last night’s episode of Dinosaurs Behaving Normally’ was racist and discriminatory. Why is it every time I turn on the TV to watch a dinosaur documentary the graceful triceratops is always shown jabbing its horns at another dinosaur? It’s typical media sensationalism!” said Terry Dacktyl, president of the Dinosaur Defence League.

“TV never shows the positive side of dinosaurs, like how they loved, laughed, cried together, and farted in each other’s faces.”

The TV network responded: “The documentary in question was screened prior to airing by our anti-discrimination committee, which concluded it was a fair and accurate assessment of dinosaur culture, especially given that the program included examples of dinosaurs being active in their communities.”

The DDL’s Terry Dacktyl said he fears people will always unfairly view dinosaurs as violent: “Sharks have killed more people than dinosaurs ever have. That’s a fact!”