Monthly Archives: January 2016

How Low Will You Go?

Remember being a kid and asking your friends if they would do outrageous shit for outrageous amounts of money? And then seeing how low they would go in order to make some cash? It went something like this:

You: Would you suck a guys dick for a million dollars?
Your friend: Fuck ya, I’ll do anything for a million.
You: How about $100,000?
Your friend: Definitely.
You: $10,000
Your friend: Yup.
You: $10
Your friend: Ummm….
You: Wait, are you gay?
Your friend: Well…
You: Awww, crap!

Anyway, we propose turning this fun childhood game into a television game show where people have to bid against each other in order to make some money by degrading themselves. What’s more fun than watching poor people lose their last scraps of self-respect? Nothing, that’s what.